A Nine Mile Run and Gymnastics

This week is a scheduled easy week with a 20 miler at the end, so instead of my tempo run, I ran 9 miles on the treadmill at L.A.  Fitness.  Usually, I run on the treadmill when I have my kids with me or when the weather is too stormy, but today, I used the treadmill to make sure I stayed at my easy pace.  I ran easy for 9 miles @ 8:00/mile.

After my easy run, I did some strength work that quickly turned into a gymnastics experiment.  I started gymnastics when I was five, made it to team, and took it seriously for about four years.  Even though I quit team gymnastics, I continued to tumble (flips, back handsprings, aerials, etc..)  outside, teaching myself without worrying about technique at all.

Now 31 years old and with no recent practice whatsoever, I was stretching my hip flexors, quads, and arms in bridge position, and I wondered if I could still kick over.  Or was I too old?  I moved my hands closer to my feet.  “What the heck!  Here goes nothing.” ​

And then I tested out my handstand.

A little wobbly but not too bad!​

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