Feeling Good on Friday

My training has been lighter this week.  Slightly less mileage.  No Tuesday Tempo.  But wait!  Friday intervals!  A good workout!  Check it out!

I woke up this morning to the ‘pitter patter’ of rain outside.  It wasn’t coming down too hard, and since the roads looked fine, I chose to run in the rain.

My warm up ended up being a little longer than planned.  I needed to get to Huffines Park so that I had a good path for my intervals.  The roads were not slick anymore from the rain, but there were still some muddy spots that were hard to see.

Warm up!
My clothes were drenched after my 3-4 mile warm up, but I felt good.  I set my watch up for intervals, which has been an awesome tool to use on my Tom Tom Spark 3 GPS watch.  I entered in the 30 seconds of work (fast), 1 minute of rest (moderate pace), 4 sets, and a 3 minute ‘cool down’.   I repeated this four times totaling sixteen 30 second intervals.

By the eighth interval, my legs felt tired, but they also felt like they could keep going forever.  My rest pace was not my normal rest pace.  I didn’t feel the need to slow down a whole lot.  After the last set of 4, I cut out the ‘cool down,’ because I had my actual 3 mile cool down to run.  Past the McDonalds.  Past the cars stuck in traffic.  Past the Police Station.  Past the house with the never ending construction.  And back home.  11 miles done. 

I downed a glass of milk, and then headed back out the door to walk out the heaviness in my legs!

I have 3 easy miles to run this afternoon, an easy 6 miles tomorrow, and another 20 miler on Sunday.  I can’t wait!

I hope everyone is having an awesome Friday!

Did you have a killer workout today?  Let me know!

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  1. Thanks Amanda for inspiring me to get back into doing some of my training barefoot! A 5 mile “fartlek” run (not really a fartlek . . . more like your interval training) barefoot and in the rain Wednesday evening. 8-1/2 miles total.

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  2. This week, mostly on grass in a park, some on a football field, and a couple of miles on a track. I need to get the feet tough again before running on any rough asphalt roads or dirt/gravel trails!

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  3. Amanda, football fields are great! I try to also do some barefoot running on more difficult surfaces like concrete and asphalt to toughen up my feet, which eventually helps me to do two things: (1) improve my running form (I used to be a “heel striker”, and (2) be able to run barefoot on most any surface, including racing barefoot. Some athletic tracks are very rough.

    I have run (at least) several hundred miles barefoot the past three years, and have found that it is best to very gradually increase the mileage and very gradually increase the roughness of the running course. About once a month I like to get (or almost get) just some very small blisters; then, when they heal, the foot is tougher than ever! That has been my experience anyway.

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    1. I do some track workouts barefoot and I run on concrete barefoot if its relatively smooth. I’ve repeated the blister, toughen up process too however, after that one barefoot race I took a break from it because my feet got more than just a few blisters. I have scars on one foot from that. (I should have stopped).

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