Training Highlights


Hardest Workout

Friday Intervals

3 mile warm up (ended up being 4 miles) plus strides

4(4 x 30 seconds fast)

1 minute easy in between each interval

4 minutes easy in between each set

3 mile cool down

Most of this workout, I did in the rain.  There were some slick parts of the road that I had to watch out for which affected my pace a little, but overall I felt like this was a solid 11 mile workout.  I recovered faster after each interval and did not slow down as much as I normally do after speed work.

Best Run and Long Run

Sunday 20 Miler

Second 20 Miler complete!  My average pace on this run was about 10-15 seconds per mile faster than my first 20 miler.  I increased my pace throughout the run and felt relaxed.

I ran a slightly different route this time around which worked out great except for the second mile.  Taking Beltline instead of Spring Valley was a mistake.  I don’t see well in the dark to begin with, and a good stretch of Beltline road was pitch black.  Luckily, I survived, and once I ran under the train tracks, there was light.  My training partner ran with me from Mile 5- Mile 15.  This set me up really well for a strong finish today.  By Mile 12, we were running under 8:00/mile pace.   At Mile 17, I finished a small bottle of Tailwind that I had been carrying.  I picked up the pace again and comfortably ran Mile 19 in 7:52 and Mile 20 in 7:44.

Total Mileage

76.8 miles


Rainy for a few days.  Cooler in the morning, warm in the afternoon.  The past two days have been beautiful!


Gear Notes
Mizuno Wave Universe 5 racing flats for every run.  I’ve worn out another pair.

Hydration / Nutrition

I took a few sips of Tailwind (lemon lime, no caffeine) before my long run today and I finished about 8 oz over 20 miles.  Most of it, I drank at Mile 17.  When I made it back my house, I mixed another scoop with 8 oz of water and finished it rather quickly.  I did not feel thirsty on my run, and when I finished it off at Mile 17 and kept running, my stomach felt fine.  I would recommend Tailwind to anyone who is looking for an endurance hydration product for long runs.  This is my opinion based off of two long runs with Tailwind.  The first run with it was hot and humid but only 12 miles.

Coming Up This Week

A steady state run, 800 meter repeats, and another 20 miler.

Upcoming Races

October 28 – Heroes Run Half Marathon in Shreveport
December 3 – San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

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  1. Beautiful sky in those photos! Did you get your replacement pair of shoes through afterwards? I remember you had to go back to an older pair of shoes for one of your recent races?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I had ordered two pairs and they came the week after my 10k in the old shoes. They are 2.2 oz and $35 in my size on amazon, but they don’t last long when I do all of my running in them. I can probably run one more easy run in the first pair. I will have to alternate my second pair with a trainer.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s awesome! Glad to hear you’re getting an instant result from it, I’m genuinely convinced that its something that needs to be advocated for considering how much time modern life forces us into poor positions of posture. Particularly kids in school!

        Liked by 2 people

  2. Nice long run today, Amanda!

    Yep, that is the only thing about racing flats and minimalistic shoes. Most of them wear out more quickly than do trainers. I wore an old pair of Newtons this morning.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks!
      I can make them last longer when I run on the treadmill more, but I’ve been running mostly on the road in them… Are the Newtons a minimalist shoe?
      My first pair of Vibram five fingers lasted a ridiculously long time. The road version didn’t last long at all for some reason.


  3. I will say I have been thinking of trying Tailwind. Need to soon if I’m going to since my marathon is in December. It’s all online, or can I find it at a local store?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Run Texas Frisco carries it. I will have a code soon to give for a 10% discount, but if you go before I have it just give them my name! It comes in individual packages as well as a 30 serving pouch.


    1. Yeah… I started running long distance in the vibram five fingers and built up slowly as a minimalist runner.
      I am going to get more of the caffeinated kind too. I could have used a little bit for the last 3 miles on Sunday and will probably benefit from it in the actual marathon!

      Liked by 1 person

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