Tuesday Steady State

Twenty miler on Sunday, eight miles on Monday, steady state on Tuesday.  I am not so sure that my legs like my new standing desk at the moment…but my back does!

Waking up this morning seemed impossible.  The light rain coming down.  The lack of light from outside.  The lights flickering and the electricity going out.  But none of that would stop me from getting this key workout in.

After my coffee, some cereal, and some Tailwind, I set off in the rain.  I ran into more traffic than I would have liked for my warm up, but I made it to Duck Creek at a good pace.  Barely…

Don’t you hate when the crosswalk sign is on at a busy intersection and the driver that has a red light doesn’t even slow down to look before turning right?  Luckily, I already knew not to trust the crosswalk sign or any driver.  Ever.  The cross walk sign lit up, I looked left, and this lady, who had a red light, didn’t slow down while she looked to her left and turned right in front of me over the crosswalk.  Anyway, look both ways people.

After a few strides, I was drenched and ready to go.  I ran on the trail for a couple of miles, but had to turn onto Arapaho to avoid having to stop.  This altered my plan.  I ran back towards Beltline and turned onto the neighborhood streets.  After several turns and a couple of laps, I managed to get in all 7 miles.  All of that turning, avoiding the mud, and keeping the pace wiped me out, but it felt awesome to get it done!  I walked for a few minutes before running my 3 mile cool down.

Tuesday Steady State (13 Miles total)

3 mile warm up @ 7:50/mile


7 miles @ 7:17/mile

3 mile cool down @ 8:18/mile

Here is the 7 mile steady state portion of my run!


Next long steady state run I will plan the full route ahead of time.

My afternoon run is going to be slow.

I am so hungry.  The more I eat, the more food I want.

Loving the Tailwind.

The humidity hates my hair.

This hard training ROCKS, and I can’t wait until December!

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  1. I meant to try tailwind out and experiment before the race. I think I’ve got a good fuel/hydrate plan that I’m happy with as of now so I’m not going to change it, but maybe I will pick some up for the future–heard great things from you and others!

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    1. I can’t take the tablets like nuun or the gels so I was really scrambling to find something that works for me that I am not allergic to. The power paks were great for hydration but I need some carbs after 16 miles. Now all I need to do is figure out how I am going to carry it. Or what I am going to carry it in on race day. I try not to take anything I have to carry with me when I go for a run. Do you have a drink you will carry?


      1. hey girl. yeah i carry stuff with me in a belt, i’ve got. that’s pretty incredible you get all the way to 16 without fueling, I have to start much earlier. I do use the clif shots and the blocks and then i only drink water which is in two small bottles also on my belt. I do plan on carrying that with me during the race but will only drink from the bottles if i really get the urge in between miles. Otherwise my plan is to drink from the aid stations at every mile alternating water and gatorade every other, or gatorade every 3rd mile depending how i feel. My hydrating/fueling came a lot from practicing bikram, just cause when you get in a bikram class and you are not hydrated, you are kind of screwed. It’s not something you can make up for while you’re in it you know? So I am trying to make sure i keep the same pattern that i have been practicing-regardless of how good i feel–cause i know if i skip cause i feel good, i might regret it a few miles later, and then i am trying to play catch-up.

        Well, there you go, that was like a dissertation more than you asked for. sorry, you prob didn’t need to hear all that, lol. have a great day Amanda! x

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  2. Yep, some truths there! Some drivers aren’t watching for runners (or for anything). And, you are right, running just makes a person eat more. To lose weight (and I have), I learned that one has to eat less than they want to eat.

    Sounds like your training is going well, Amanda!

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  3. I love the standing desk! Once I’ve settled in for another few weeks at work, I think I’ll be able to convince my boss to let me make a similar modification 😀 I’m glad it’s working out for you for the most part. It is a pretty big adjustment as many of us are stuck in the sitting position for such a long time (driving, work, etc). I find that having a fold away bar stool is great as you can use it to lean and take some weight off, and also put your feet on the low cross bar to vary the input.

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    1. Tuesday was the only day that was difficult! I may rearrange it a little bit so that I can stand and write! I am so glad you posted about it! I would still be suffering otherwise! : )
      The stool is a great idea!

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      1. If I can get more people on standing and considering the benefits of more minimalist shoes, I’ll consider myself doing some small amount of good 🙂 I’d definitely look at a bar stool option; standing is great but it continues to surprise me how tough it can be to maintain good form and mechanic. The stool lets you rest and take some strain off whilst leaning rather than sitting which has been a lifesaver for me.

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      2. I have an embarrassingly large shoe collection which was a side effect of working in a sports shop for 7 years! But to answer your question, for races/events I’ll usually wear a pair of ASICS Hyper Speed 6. I’ve got on really well with the previous version of it and the 6 is great also, just a really solid racing flat with a wider last.

        For training and general running, I’ve got a huge variety that see varying amounts of use. A few favourites: inov8 as a brand is fantastic, particularly for trail shoes. Salming is a niche Swedish brand which makes a great trainer called the Distance (the shoe I did my lone 26.2 training run in). Skechers GOrun are a great soft option for faster training; I think they have more of a name in the US compared to the UK? I know you’re a Mizuno girl, I have a pair of Hitogami 2 which are a really solid racing shoe. Simple, uncomplicated, wider foot, firm feel. Lately I’ve been putting some miles on an old pair of Merrell Road Gloves (zero drop) – I think that’s helped me focus back on my form again, and perhaps that’s been a factor in getting back to better health with the knee.

        I could go on for ages so I’ll stop myself here! But my main thing is that I’ve had years of people coming into the shop I used to work with and thinking they need a bulky support shoe because someone told them. They might, don’t get me wrong, as its such a personal and individual thing about what shoe works best for your stride and body type. But the average casual runner is looking for a thick, chunky sole with lots of rigid ‘support’ built in. I’m not advocating everyone go super minimal by any means, but I want to get the average Joe or Jill to be more open to less shoe because I really feel like its a benefit if you let it be!

        I have a new pair of shoes arriving end of this week or beginning of next (Vivobarefoot Stealth), I’m planning to review them when I’ve got some mileage on them.

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      3. I would love to see the collection! I have a ridiculous collection as well, but recently I have thrown some away and shipped some off to Kenya (4 still usable pairs). I have heard of Salming but never seen them here. And many people here wear Skechers including some bloggers I follow. I used to run in the Merrell Road Glove Zero Drop! Great shoe! And it lasted a long time! About the minimalist shoe…I believe in the benefits of less cushion. My knees used to bother me when I ran for a long distance but when I started running in the vibram five fingers, that problem never showed up again. This may sound strange, but when I run, I need to be able to feel the ground.

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      4. If you want a preview (some have been donated/worn out, some added since), there is a picture in this post of mine about half way down: https://erraticmovement.wordpress.com/2017/09/01/diminishing-disorder-early-explorations-of-minimalism-and-konmari/

        Salming seem to be getting some small progress in triathlon and the obstacle course running communities – tough as a non-established name but great shoes. The original Road Gloves are what I ran in today on way home from work. They must have somewhere in the region of 250 miles on if I had to guess, a little wear on the mesh but otherwise in good shape.

        And I totally understand what you mean about being able to feel the ground. I think this is the crux of the issue, and why so many casual/starter runners are afraid of less shoe. Someone like yourself with the performance background, or a more experienced recreational runner with years of mileage and trialling of shoe types, tends to have a better sense of this. Being able to feel the change in surface, bump in road, crack in pavement/sidewalk etc instead of rolling over it like a tank engages more of your lower body muscles. More varied input, more chance to build strength, less repetitive grind on the same areas that can lead to injury. Once I had the experience of that, it becomes very difficult to go back to a high-heeled, narrow front, stacked shoe.

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      5. Well said! I’ll check out your collection! I have a shoe review page with a picture of my pile of shoes! I don’t know if you have seen that yet. My reviews are just from personal experience! : )


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