Single Leg Squat and A Triple Under

I should be able to do more than just one single leg squat on each leg, but I haven’t practiced enough lately to be able to.  My right side looks good.  My left side needs work.  Usually a few more attempts spread out over a couple of weeks does the trick.  When I incorporate single leg squats into training, I feel balanced.

(My video editor wasn’t working today. The video won’t stay sideways once you press play 😉


Jumping rope is an excellent way to cross train for runners.  I strengthens your hips and calves.  It increases your turnover and helps identify and correct an imbalances you may be dealing with.  And it is also a great Cardio workout.

I started jumping rope when I was 7.  This ones for you, Coach Brockhagen!

(My video editor wasn’t working today.  The video won’t stay sideways once you press play 😉

​Yes, that rope went under three times.

Here are my upcoming races!

October 14 – Moni 5k (Farmers Branch)

October 28 – Heroes Run Half Marathon (Shreveport, LA)

December 3 – San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

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  1. For anyone who hasn’t tried a one-legged/pistol squat before, it’s really very tough! I’ve been incorporating them into my daily routine for the past three or four months and I feel like it has helped with power and (as you said) balance. I’m at the point where I feel like my form for the most part is pretty solid (full extension of floating leg and locked out at knee, heel remaining in contact with ground, I feel like my back could be better though as I feel like it rounds slightly rather than staying perfectly straight).

    My routine before I scaled back with the knee strain was lowering into the bottom position to hold for 10 seconds, rising out of that to the top position, 3 reps, lowering to hold for 10 seconds again and finishing. Intending to slowly build back towards that, I’d be interested to know how much of a difference you feel its made to you. Although I’m very much on the recreational side of things, I’m convinced the one-leggers helped me get my 5K PB to under 20 mins earlier in the year so I’m intending to continue with it.

    I’ve never been able to skip properly! My brother is a mixed martial artists practitioner and jumps a lot of rope, particularly when he’s working on his boxing. I’ve been meaning to get him to teach me for a while.

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    1. This was my first attempt in a while. My back has been really tight so my form was terrible. I need to work on keeping my heel down especially on the left side. Once everything releases it will be better. I will make another video in a few weeks to check my form. 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

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      1. I think I could probably benefit from filming myself too, can see the progression, points to work on etc. Especially for something like a one leg squat – they really are so tough, and I think people don’t realise how much strength and body control you need to develop to perform even a single decent rep. I’m not into CrossFit, but I’ve seen a couple of the competitions where they do one leg squat reps as easy as if they were normal body weight squats!

        You’re very welcome! The general insights and the performance related content is always an interesting read.

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