Miscellaneous Monday

Maybe it’s the weather.  Maybe it’s the marathon training.  Maybe it’s just the Mondays.

I still feel like I am just rolling out of bed to find my contacts so that I can find my way down the stairs to make coffee and it is 4 p.m.  Typing this blog post is probably not the best idea.  The randomness may be too much. 

Compression socks/sleeves were a must this morning.  My calves, shins, and back tightened up from the last week of training.  No pain.  Just a tired, worked my ass off kind of feeling.  So compression socks, I mean compression sleeves.  Alright, one sock and one sleeve were a must this morning.

Every so often, when my mileage is high, training is hard, and schedules are busy, I have days like today where I have no choice but to do nothing.  My mind is foggy, my ideas are incomplete, and my drive is missing.  This freaks me out!  I am a Type A, Go, Go, Go kind of person and not wanting to do anything is as extreme as saying I want to play video games.

Overall, like I mentioned yesterday in my Training Highlights, I have been recovering quickly, running faster, and feeling stronger.  Maybe today’s brain fog is related to the weather.  92 degrees now.  A high of 72 degrees tomorrow.  Back up to 90 degrees on Friday.  That’s fall in Texas.

My kids and I watched the disappointing end of the Cowboys game last night.  Even with the blinding sun in their eyes, the Packers managed to pull off some amazing plays for the win.  It is amazing how what seems like a secured victory can be snatched away in an instant much like a strong kick at the end of a race.  Timing is everything.  Score the touchdown too early and the other team has a chance to make a comeback.  Kick too early and have nothing left when another runner surges past you crossing the finish line first.

Last random thought of the evening…Sunglasses.  I am in need of some running sunglasses.  On my morning runs, the sun is blinding.  And now that all of my morning runs are outside, my eyes don’t get a break.  I decided this month to run as much as possible outside to see where I could end up on the Strava Distance Challenge.  Last month 45 of my miles didn’t count, because they were treadmill miles.  Currently, I am 264th of 123,520.  Just fun people.  Not real goals!  Back to the sunglasses… Recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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