Tuesday Tempo Repeats

Another successful Tuesday Tempo, and it felt great!  Today marks my first run in the 50s since March.  I had forgotten what 50 degrees felt like, so when I stepped outside for the first time, I immediately turned around to go find a short sleeve shirt to put on over my tank.  I didn’t know if I would need the extra layer for the whole workout, but I at least wanted to be warm to start out.

When it gets cold and stays cold, then I will be one of those crazy runners running in short shorts and a tank top in 40 degree weather.  

After yesterday’s off day, waking up easily and feeling ready to go came as a pleasant surprise.  I had my usual breakfast, coffee, and cereal.  Then I helped my kids organize their science projects, packed up their lunches, laced up my Mizunos, and took off running.

I ran my 3 mile warm up at an easy pace over to Huffines park again.  It was damp outside, but the roads and sidewalks were not slick like last week.  I spent more time doing drills and strides than I normally do, because yesterday everything tightened up.  Today it took striding, then stretching, striding, then stretching, to feel lose and ready to go.

My goal pace for Tempo 1 was 7:00/mile so I set my watch to show my average pace.   I stayed just below 7:00/mile for the first 1 1/2 miles.  Then I slowed up a little but caught myself and finished the last mile strong, averaging 6:59/mile for 3 miles.

Tempo 1 Mile Splits- 6:55, 7:00, 6:59

3 minutes rest

My goal pace for Tempo 2 was 6:50 and I ran my first mile way too slow.  7:02.  I fought the wind for some of that first mile, but I also fought the wind on the next 2 miles, so I should have started out faster.  I made a big effort in the next two miles to get my average pace down, and I finished with an average pace of 6:52/mile.

Tempo 2 Mile Splits- 7:02, 6:48, 6:48

Note:  I am using the stats from my watch and the Tom Tom App since that is what I was going off of while I was running.  Strava shows my average pace as 6:55 for some reason.

I walked for a few minutes then ran my 3 mile cool down.  I ran past L.A. Fitness, across a busy intersection, under the train tracks, past the Vapor Bar, and to the trail that runs along the Dart Rail.  My two shirts were dry.  My heart rate low.  My legs not too tired.  Another successful Tuesday Tempo in the books!

Marathon training is really coming along.  I just have to keep on rolling with these workouts!  My first marathon is less than 2 months away!

This Saturday, I am running the Moni 5k, so I have easy running planned for the rest of the week, starting with 3 easy miles this afternoon.  To end the week, I have another 20 miler.

Do you have any races coming up this weekend?

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  1. Nice finish – – – 13:36 final two miles.

    I have not been able to find any Mizuno Wave Universe 5.0s my size, so maybe you or some of your followers can recommend a light weight racing flat with little or no heel-toe drop. I already have (and love) Newtons MV2s, but am looking for something even lighter!

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    1. Thanks!
      The New Balance 5000 racing flat is a 2.8 oz flat that I have used before and really liked. And the New Balance Henzo is supposed to be a light fast racing flat as well. The Henzo used to be called the 1600. This shoe is on my list of shoes to try in the future.

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  2. marathon trained through snow couple years ago, crazy weather… then it just got colder.. smudge of Vaseline or a pair of 7 deniers (like the pro cyclists) helped …. now feels a long way away, am slowly bringing myself back to life and your blog is a true inspiration, your kids must be proud of their mom.. just back to 8m/m pace for my 10k, getting there 🙂

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  3. I have the opposite problem, I tend to overdress and then regret it! I bought a cheap disposable rain poncho at the half marathon a few weeks ago and that was actually really good in both keeping the rain off and keeping me warm before the start: going to start doing that from now on in any races!

    Have a great race on Saturday! Me and a friend are heading about an hour outside of the city for a trail 10K on the same day which I’m looking forward to. I accidentally did my first hill reps session yesterday (long story!) after run commuting home yesterday which was tough but fun; hopefully good prep for a bit of elevation.

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