Moni 5k 2017 Race Recap

This morning I finished as the 5th Overall Female in the Moni 5k in Farmers Branch, TX.  My finish time of 19:42 was not where I wanted it to be, but my mental toughness was at an all time high!  I planned well for the tough parts that I expected to encounter for this 5k.  I knew the competition would be tough, as there is prize money for this race.  I also expected warm (80F) humid (80% humidity) summer like weather.  In recent races, I’ve noticed that when I get passed, my heart rate speeds up, and I panic for a split second which negatively affects my result.  Because of this, I visualized this happening and made a plan for what to do when it happens.  

Visualize and Plan.  I get passed by someone trying to break me.  I increase my pace to hang with whoever passed me.  I pass at the right time. 

Sure enough, this happened today.  In the second mile, a girl that beat me by a couple of minutes in the Quarter Marathon  passed me quickly, but I held on, staying right with her.  My mental preparation made a huge difference.  At the beginning of the third mile, I passed her back.  This time, she stayed with me.  I could hear her behind me, and it was tough holding on knowing that she was planning her kick to pass me at the right moment.

My plan?  To stay in the lead and kick after the last turn.  Sometimes what looks like the last turn ends up not being the last turn.  This time, I would not be fooled.  

Sticking with my plan, I finished with a strong kick at a 5:30/mile pace and with an 11 second lead.  My effort today was my greatest success.

After I caught my breath, I felt great and ready to go for another run.  My legs were not sore.  I had plenty of energy, and my cool down felt so good, that I didn’t want it to end.

But…I have to save some for tomorrow’s 20 miler!

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This post is sponsored by Run Texas, a specialty running store in Frisco, TX.

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