Tuesday Tempo

The weather was perfect this morning for a tempo run.  Cool.  Crisp.  Dry.  To stay warm, I wore a short sleeve shirt over my sleeveless shirt plus my pink Brooks arm warmers.  The arm warmers were nice to have for my warm up, but they felt restricting for my tempo. 

I could still feel the race and the 20 miler from the weekend.  My legs had less spring today, and my cadence was low for me.  I usually run with a cadence of 180-195, but today my cadence was 175-187.

To warm up, I ran an easy 3 miles to the Fire Station at Huffines Park.  From there I did my warm up drills and strides.  My body had a very difficult time waking up today.  I usually feel pumped up and ready to go after strides, but today I felt more like I had to drag myself over to where I would begin the Tempo.

The goal pace for my tempo was 6:40-6:48.  When I got going, I felt better than I expected to.  My lungs felt open, my breathing stayed relaxed, but my body didn’t want to go.  The course I ran was a little crazy today.  I had to literally stop and turn around at the end of one block, dodge ducks that were crossing the trail, and do another sharp u-turn to get onto the trail from the street.  This altered my pace slightly, but the fatigue in my legs affected my pace the most.  4 miles.  Average pace 6:53.

Tempo Splits

Mile 1 – 6:58 (Wake up!  Wake up!)

Mile 2 – 6:51 (That’s better!)

Mile 3 – 6:59 (Turnover.  Turnover.  To many turns.)

Mile 4 – 6:45 (Where did that come from?)

After a hard week of training with a race and a 20 miler, it took me until mile 4 of my tempo to feel loose and ready to run.  But even with my lead-footed start, this was a solid tempo and marathon workout. 

I took off my arm warmers for my cool down and made a note to myself to only wear arm warmers on easy runs.  My 3 mile cool down ended up being a 3.8 mile cool down which made this workout 11.2 miles total.  Only 3 miles left to do this afternoon!

Note about the featured picture… A post tempo picture taken while I was thinking of what kind of picture I wanted as my featured photo for today.  So there you have it.  A runner’s six pack.

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    1. Increasing your cadence will make a huge difference! With your faster training and shorter races coming up it might increase without you having to think too much about it. Most professional female marathon runners have a cadence of 190-200. The mens is a little lower. I will have to double check on that.

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