Work Your Core

Running doesn’t always result in a six pack, so for those striving for a six pack or for a stronger core, perform these core exercises after an easy to moderate paced run to strengthen and tone your core, speed up your metabolism, and shorten your recovery time.  


When I ran track, we did 60 crunches after a workout.

Lie on your back with your legs raised and feet crossed.

Cross your arms over your chest.

Lift your shoulders off the ground.

When your shoulders are off the ground, that’s one.


Russian Twist

You can use a medicine ball, a weight, a dumbbell, or a slam ball.

Sit with your knees slightly bent.

Lift your feet off the ground.

Engage your core.

Hold the weight near your hip.

Without twisting your spine, bring the weight from the right hip to the left hip.  Repeat.

This can also be done with your feet on the ground which helps prevent over twisting.


Unilateral Glute Bridge 

Lie on your back with your hands by your side.

Bend one knee bringing your foot close to your seat.

Lift one leg in the air.

Using your glutes, lift up as high as you can into a glute bridge.

When you lower yourself back down, make sure your hip (the side with the raised leg)goes straight down.

Go slow enough to keep good form.

Do 12-20 on each side.



Your elbows should be directly under your shoulders.

Engage your core.

Look at the ground in front of you

Hold the position for 2 minutes staying as flat as possible.

Have a friend check your form.  It can be hard to fix form issues on your own.


If you can’t do 2 minutes yet, hold it for as long as you can.  Next time, try to hold it for longer.

Complete 2 sets.

I add these exercises into my base training block.  They help me improve my running form, recovery time, and strength.

Do you have any core exercises that you add in to your training?  Let me know!

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    1. Thanks! Superman is a great one! I have another post with that one. (I should have added links to my other core posts…). I am familiar with the bicycle crunch but I think my version is variation of the basic form.
      I am excited for you! How many weeks do you have for base training?

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    1. Currently, I don’t add in core work, but during a base training block when I am building up miles and strength, I add exercises like these on 1-2 easy days. I usually do the core workout after the run for 10-15 minutes. Sometimes 20 depending on how many exercises I have to do. I will add these exercises back in after my marathon in December.

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