An Increased Focus

With the 5k last Saturday, the 20 miler, and my two key workouts on top of random other stuff going on, fatigue hit me this week.  Not terribly.  Just enough to stifle my creativity… #Wordless Wednesday  This is okay though.  My mild case of writer’s block is counter balanced by the confidence I’ve gained and am still gaining in marathon training.

Today is about recovery.  A six mile easy run.  Some foam rolling.  Two flag football games.  Writing and relaxing.  Tomorrow, I have a 20 mile workout that I need to be ready for.

So far, everything has gone according to plan.  The humidity this morning made my run tougher than I wanted it to be, but it was still easy enough to be a recovery run.


After a shower and a snack, it was flag football time.  Both games were a success today!  Such a success that I have to brag about my kids a little…

My daughter plays in a league with all boys, and she is a ROCKSTAR!  They specifically cover her because she is lightning fast.  My son is a LASER FOCUSED STUD out on the field.  Today, he made a great catch and run to score a touch down without his glasses (broken on the previous play) and with a hurt hand.  Before the game, when he dove for a catch, one of his teammates ran in front of him accidentally stepping on his hand (with cleats).  

Time is flying.  Temperatures are dropping.  Pace is increasing.  Race day is nearing.  The 20 mile workout tomorrow is one out of two hard workouts I have before the Heroes Run Half Marathon next Saturday in Shreveport.

My training is coming together and I can’t wait for race day.  I have two brand new pairs of Mizunos, so I will have no last minute racing flat emergencies, and according to the latest forecast the weather should be perfect.  Upper 40s with a chance of rain.  This may not be everyone’s perfect running weather, but I love it!  For running only.  After the race, the sun better come out to warm me up.

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Rolling out and relaxing are up next!

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  1. You keep inspiring. I’m knocking on the door of 9 days sober. That is a seriously long time for me. Back to focussing on running and your blog has really pulled me through. I hit a 24 min 5k today, 4m yesterday, 5.5m backpack with strides day before. Reading your blog every day. Even been trying those crazy Ab workouts haha ouch maybe a bit early. Anyway. Just gotta say. You rock. MP from a grey and windy London x

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  2. Sounds like your kids are very active too! Great to hear: although I’ve seen plenty of examples to believe its never too late to start getting involved in sport or health & fitness in general, its wonderful when it starts young and there’s a chance that a real passion can grow from it.

    You must feel like a kid again when the courier drops off two boxes of shiny new running shoes (I certainly do when I get a new pair :D).

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    1. They are active for sure! (Skateboarding at the moment!) And I agree. Starting anytime is great.
      My reaction to shoes being delivered is a little embarrassing. It is possible that I run down the stairs exclaiming ‘My shoes are here!’


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