Tuesday Pre-Race Workout Session and An Extra Layer

Today’s workout was the last hard workout before the Heroes Run Half Marathon on Saturday.  It included a short tempo run and 4 speed intervals.  Short enough to be easy.  Fast enough to feel ready for Race Day!

The Workout

3 mile warm up @ 7:37/mile

2 mile Tempo @ 6:42/mile

4 x 1 minute fast, 2 minute recovery jog in between

3.8 mile cool down @ 8:06/mile ( The extra .8 was accidental.)

I felt very much in control of my tempo pace which gives me confidence going into this half marathon.  I haven’t been this prepared for a half marathon since The Cowtown Half in 2016 (1:29:17).  Four days to go!  Team Run Texas is going to Shreveport!

As of now, it is supposed to be 38F/3C Saturday morning.  That said, I think I need an extra layer!



Do you have a race this weekend?  Let me know!

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  1. It is looking like good weather for the half marathon in Shreveport. Clearing skies, 39 degrees and not too windy. I will be watching my son’s xc meet instead of running in Shreveport, but will of course be checking the results!

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