The Purge

I don’t want to write this post.  I have no organization.  Broken thoughts fly through my head so fast that I can’t keep up.  My typing speed is not fast enough.

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Pre-Race day nerves hit yesterday.  Harder than they ever have before.  I felt sick.  I rested in bed.  I got sick.   I could barely put together a complete thought.  This was not supposed to happen.  This does not normally happen.  My pre-race nerves are usually manageable.  Not these.  Nope.  Not even close.  These nerves were unbearable.  I questioned whether I had caught a virus.  Maybe there was some other explanation.  Wrong.  Every time I thought about the course, the Race Day plan, or the race itself, my heart rate went through the roof.  I could feel the pounding in my chest.  My breathing became fast and shallow.  I was panicking.  Three days before Race Day.

Today is Thursday.  One day until I drive to Shreveport.  Two days until Race Day.  Three days until my son’s 9th birthday.  Four days until my husband’s birthday.  Five days until Halloween.  How am I going to do all of this?  Stop.  Breathe.  

Take one step at a time.  

Put one foot in front of the other.  

Buy present.  Today.  Pack.  Drive to Shreveport.  Tomorrow.  Pick up Race Packet.  Check into Hotel.  Tomorrow Evening.   Relax.   Smile.  Enjoy.

Take one step at a time.  

Put one foot in front of the other.  

I’ve got this.  

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  1. We’ll all I can say is I think you’ve been in a race before, and as for all the other things I’m sure it will be fine! Relax and have fun! Do your best.

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  2. My late father once gave me an exam tip ‘just keep it simple’ he said, it applies to so much in life, approach one thing at a time, put the left hand up (Beyoncé style) to the noise and slow it down, let the right hand deal with one simple thing at a time. You’ve got this. Damn right you have. You’re a warrior girlfriend. Breathe. Focus. Breathe again 😉 and trust in you. X

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    1. I am feeling much better today. I know this will come as a HUGE surprise to you, but I put a lot of pressure on myself with many things and I think everything I have going on this weekend hit me and amped up the anxiety level to max.
      You are right. We can do this!
      Thanks! ☺️

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