October Stats

Running Stats

In October I…

Ran 309.6 miles

Climbed 9,366ft

Ran in 2 races

Completed 4 20 Mile Runs

Took 1 Day Off


Placed 338th out of 152,175 in the Strava Distance Challenge.

Blogging Stats

I published 23 blog posts.

Tuesday Steady State had the most views.

Wordless Wednesday had the least views.

People from 36 different countries viewed my blog,

And I set a new monthly views PR of 3,609.

How was your October?  Any new PRs?  Or new experiences?  Let me know!

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  1. Nice Work! I earned a 24 minute PR at the Marine Corps Marathon! Even more significant for me was that I finally broke the 4 hour mark after 7 marathons in 5 years of running. I have more goals to be conquered, and following your training has been inspiring.

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    1. Thank you so much! ☺️. And Congrats!!! That is huge! Nearly a minute per mile faster. That must have been an amazing feeling crossing the finish line! Was that your first time running the Marine Corps Marathon?


      1. It was my 3rd time. I beat my previous best there by over 30 minutes. The best part was how good I felt all the way through Mile 24, when in previous races the legs were hurting by 22. After 24, the heat got to me (race start temp was 54, but it quickly rose to mid 70’s & sunny). But my legs felt good.

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      1. We can’t all be as fast as you (giggle, totes kidding) but yes I’m an ultra runner. I’m also half Kenyan. 😉 I actually just enjoy running and have been running high-ish mileage for a few years now. I’ve seen great improvements from doing as such! Happy running to you!!

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