Training Highlights


Hardest Workouts

Deadpool’s Tuesday Tempo – Fatigue hit me last week, and my legs were dead on Halloween which made this tempo run tougher than tough.

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Friday Speed Maintenance – Still worn out, this 11 mile workout wiped me out.  3 mile warm up.  20 x 200 meters.  3 mile cool down.

Sunday Long Long Long Run – I made sure to get more rest on Saturday than normal to rid myself of the lingering fatigue.  The long long long run still managed to be one of my toughest workouts for the week.  The heat and humidity were an unwelcome surprise when I walked out the door this morning.  76F.  75% humidity.  High dewpoint.  Yuck.  I started out slow, increased my pace in the first 8 miles, and then stayed fairly consistent for the rest of the 24 miles.  24 miles.  Woop!  Woop!  Longest Run Ever!  3hrs 24min

I didn’t carry a drink this time.  Instead, I carried a single pack of Tailwind and some money.  At mile 13, I ran into 7 Eleven, bought a water, poured in the Tailwind, and rehydrated.  After running with the rest of the drink for a mile, I drank a little more and tossed the rest.  The 24th mile was tough.  When I finished, soreness flooded my body.  I downed 32 oz of fluids, walked/hobbled half a mile, and went inside to recover.  My whole body ached.  I wondered how long this feeling would last.  I ached standing up.  I ached laying down.  Thinking made me ache.  Luckily, after rehydrating, refueling and chilling for longer than normal, I stood up, and everything felt fine.  That was a lot of aching to feel fine after only a couple hours.  Tomorrow morning may be a completely different story.  

Best Run 

The Long Long Long Run!!!  It may have been long, and it may have been humid, but I ran 24 miles.  A little excited over here!

Total Mileage 

83 miles


Last week felt like the return of summer here in Texas.   Hot.  Humid.  Windy.  It reached 90F/32C today.  Yuck.

Gear Notes

My Tom Tom Spark 3 GPS Watch vanished.  I used it for my morning run midweek, put it back on after writing October Stats, picked up my kids for school, noticed it wasn’t on my wrist when we got home, and haven’t seen it since.  After searching every possible place it could be three times, I broke down and bought a new GPS watch.  The Polar m200.

Once again, I ran most of my miles in the Mizuno Wave Universe 5 racing flats even for the 24 miler today.  I also wore a sports bra today that I will not wear for the marathon, because it rubbed my upper abdomen raw.  It wasn’t exactly a running bra so I guess I did this to myself.  Ouch.


I used Tailwind for hydration before, during, and after my 24 mile run.  Post long run, I also drank 24 oz of strawberry milk.  I was so thirsty.  My nutrition plan is the same.  Boring.  Limited.  Effective.  Rice, oatmeal, cereal, chia, milk (mostly after hard workouts), some meat (roast beef, grilled chicken), gluten free pretzels, and that’s about it.

Coming Up This Week

Long Tempo, 800 Meter Repeats, A Short Long Run

Upcoming Races

November 18 – Hobble Gobble 5k

December 3 – San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

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  1. Wow! That was a nice workout, 24 miles and at a good pace in this warm humid weather!

    You carrying money and buying the water reminded me of a time I did that on a 22 mile run. I hope you find your Tom Tom. Maybe it’s in your car or house?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Ali! It has been hard keeping up with my blog these past couple weeks and I appreciate that you have stuck with me through the third quarter of this marathon training. The third quarter always seems to be the hardest like the third lap of a mile or the third quarter of the school year, etc. Only four more weeks!

      Liked by 1 person

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