Training Highlights


Hardest Workouts

Tuesday Tempo – The tempo run falls into two categories today.  Hardest Workout and Best Run.  By the end of Tuesday, I had run 50 miles in three days, and I experienced a whole new recovery process.  My calves and ankles swelled slightly and every time I let myself rest, my body heated up like a furnace.  Luckily, this only lasted a day, and an easy run on Wednesday morning and another on Thursday morning had me feeling ready to go for Friday Track Day.


Friday Track Day – I went to Williams Stadium for my track workout for the first time which turned out better than I expected.  The size of the stadium blew me away, and I had the track to myself.  3 mile warm up.  6×800 meters @ 3:05-3:10 with a 3 minute jog in between each.  3 mile cool down.

Long Run

All week long I have wanted to run on the Collins Blvd overpass.  Running across it during rush hour doesn’t make much sense, so I included it in my long run.  I ran up Greenville, past Greenvue Apartments, and onto Collins Blvd Overpass.  If you drove on 75 this morning and saw a runner in a neon yellow shirt running on the overpass, that was me!  For some reason, it seemed higher running across than it does just driving across, or maybe I just had more time to look around.  Regardless, I enjoyed it.  I ran West on Campbell, past UTD (the University of Texas at Dallas), then South to JJ Pearce High School.  I ran a couple laps around the campus and then retraced my steps back home.  This 16 mile run felt short and easy after weeks of 20 and 24 milers.

(Greenvue Apartments and Bridge Photo Credit – 2014 Dallas Morning News | )

(The other picture in the video was an accidental mid run photo.)

Total Mileage (12 run sessions)

77.79 miles/125km

Total Elevation



Cooler but still humid.  Rainy and cold early in the week.

Gear Notes

Watch – Polar m200 (from RunTexas)

Shoes – Mizuno Wave Universe 5 Racing Flats, Nike Free Flyknits, New Balance 1500 v3

Arm Warmers by Brooks

Calf Sleeves by CEP

Socks – Whichever socks I can find.  My running specific socks are by Feetures.

I also bought a Camel Bak water bottle that is lightweight and easy to carry.  I can’t decide how I want to hydrate during the marathon.  Holding anything while I run drives me crazy but a lightweight bottle may be the way to go at least for part of the marathon.

Hydration and Nutrition

Well, the waffles I enjoyed midweek turned out to be a mistake.  They are a healthy option for anyone that is not allergic to wheat or ingredients that are similar to wheat like sorghum.  They are made by Kashi and are Gluten Free, Egg Free, Soy Free, and Nut Free.  So back to my normal, unchanging meal plan which is fine by me.


I have added a post run cup of coffee to my plan to help keep my lungs open.

This trick significantly decreases the amount of asthma flare ups I have, and sets me up well for my next run especially if it has been particularly cold outside.

Coming Up This Week

Mile Repeats, Easy Running, and a 5k

Upcoming Races

November 18 – Hobble Gobble or Gobble Hobble 5k (I keep getting it mixed up)

December 3 (3 weeks from today)- San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

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  1. I do love a track session! There’s something special about running in a stadium too, I miss these sessions. We did a similar workout in the build up to my marathon – it’s a good workout that I always looked forward to. 3 weeks will go by in a heartbeat…..

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  2. Great job on the Friday track day, Amanda!

    Everyone’s going to have different ways of doing things, but I too don’t like to hold anything or carry anything when I am racing. I was pleased with how I ran my second-ever marathon which I did in August of this year, and I did not carry any liquid, but did on the advice of some elite runners, drink at every aid station, mostly water the first few stations, and then alternating between water and gator-aid at the rest of the stations. Maybe carrying something would have been better, but I was real happy with how this worked for me (3:02). And the dewpoint temp was 65 degrees.

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  3. I know that Amanda and Tony, and maybe some others here, like minimalistic shoes like I do. So tell me if you have had a similar experience.

    I started minimalistic running four years ago, at the urging of my kids, and loved it. Still do! I have for these past four years done about 90% of my training in typical, heavy training shoes and about 10% of my mileage has been barefoot.

    Racing is always either minimalistic zero-drop Newtons, or sometimes barefoot. I even ran my marathon in August in zero-drop Newtons (yes, my calves were very sore!)

    Then, starting in August of this year (since I had been able to buy several pairs of zero-drop Newtons on sale, lol!), I began to do more and more of my training runs in minimalistic shoes. I figured if I can run half marathons and full marathons in zero drop shoes, surely I can do my training runs in them. Might even help me.

    Five weeks ago I started having issues with my right leg. Tight calves, quad, IT band, you name it. If it wasn’t one area, it was another. Sometimes all of them at the same time. I did not at first make the connection, but now am thinking the cause of this may have been doing too much running in minimalistic shoes. Or at least too much, too soon. It seems as if my calf muscles had time to heal after a big race, but when running in minimalistic shoes every day, the damage was cumulative.

    I still love minimalistic running, but am returning to my training shoes for a while (racing will still be in zero-drop or bf).
    What do you guys think? Have you experienced anything similar?

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    1. I went through that earlier this year when I had four races in four weeks and was training in minimalist shoes as well. It took a few weeks before I felt ready to go back to minimalist shoes. Once I did, my body adapted quickly, so maybe a short break is all you need?!?

      Right now, I do most of my training and all of my racing in minimalist shoes. I wear the Nike free Fly knits or the New Balance 1500s when I need a little extra cushion. Once or twice a week. The breaks seem to help.

      Does everything feel ok when you run in your other shoes?

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  4. Thanks! I wore training shoes on a long run Sunday, took Monday off, and a short run this morning in trainers. My calf muscles are fine now! But something still going on with my hip. Maybe tight IT Band or tight glutes?

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  5. I think I had multiple issues (posisbly related). Quad strain (fixed with five days rest), sore calf muscles (caused by increased mileage in minimalistic shoes, but fine now), and finally the most persistent, which I believe after researching is proximal hamstring tendinopathy. I should proably take a couple of weeks off, but am going to try cutting back on speed and avoid uneven surfaces. And of course, wear training shoes for a while!

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    1. I have dealt with the hip issue before. Have you checked for any strength imbalances? When I had that injury I also had severe weakness on that same side. Stabilization exercises along with decreased mileage did the trick.
      I understand the need to keep running but in my experience pushing through pain with this injury only makes it worse. Hope it heals up quick!


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