Tuesday’s Mile Repeat Tempo Run

This workout was long and tiring, so I am going to get right to the specifics.  I ran a 3 mile warm up to Huffines Park past all of the usual traffic.  After strides and drills, I began the workout.

6x1mile with 1 minute rest after each mile

Mile 1 – 6:38

Mile 2 – 6:45

Mile 3 – 6:30

Mile 4 – 6:40

Mile 5 – 6:48

Mile 6 – 6:40

I jogged/walk extremely slow in between each mile.  My average pace for the whole time was 7:21, which includes each minute of rest.

The 3 mile cool down seemed like the longest cool down of my life, even though I held my normal cool down pace.  Nothing felt easy for the rest of the day.  It was a great workout, and I wish I had more to give right now, but I am…

Tired, focused

Sore, strong

Stressed, optimistic

Wiped out, still going

I am

Grinding through these workouts

Grinding through life

Running the streets

Trying to be a bad ass.

What’s up with you?  Let me know!

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Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


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