Gobble Hobble 5k Race Recap

This year, I had to look for an alternative to the Dallas 8 mile Turkey Trot, a race I usually run every year.  The Gobble Hobble 5k was the perfect fit for what I needed.  Two weeks from marathon day.  3.8 miles away from my house.  Relaxed and fun.  

Last week was somewhat of a bad asthma week for me, but I pulled everything back together by Friday and felt ready to race.  I saw in the forecast that a cold front was coming with 28 mph winds, and a 40 degree drop in temperature, but it looked like the event would be in the clear.  That was a relief…

(My pre-race, not quite awake yet selfie)

This morning, I woke up at 5:00 and completed my typical pre-race routine.  Drink coffee, eat cereal, stare at my phone, get ready and go.  This time, I left without my car.  I ran to the event for my warm up.  3.8 miles easy.  I made it with plenty of time to spare.  Maybe a little too much time to spare…

I picked up my bib number, jogged around some more, found some water, jogged around some more, did some strides, hid my shirt, and lined up at the start.  8:30 finally came around, and the race began.

The pack broke up quickly, and I was comfortably in 3rd for the first mile.  At the turnaround, I sped up into 2nd place and felt strong enough to hold it.  The wind started to pick up and my lungs started to burn.

Wind by itself doesn’t normally bother me, but wind near construction is the death of me.

The last 1 1/2 miles were a fight.  The wind whipped and gusted.  For one long stretch it felt like a never ending slow motion speed workout.  I held on as best as I could, unsure of my pace, time, and distance left.  (I had forgotten to hold down the start button on my watch so my GPS never started.)  I held onto 2nd place and finished in 19:52.  First Place Overall Female.

The wind picked up even more before the awards.  Tables blew over, hats blew off, runners ran sideways.  I was ready to be on my way back home by the time the results were in, and as I stood next to the stage, it hit me.  How was I going to run 3.8 miles with my award and bag?  I contemplated leaving before accepting the trophy, but I stayed for my kids.  They love seeing the awards.  So, I accepted my very large, very awesome, Gobble Hobble 5k Trophy and began my long journey home!

I decided to walk for obvious reasons.  Gusts of wind kept launching me sideways, and after 3/4 of a mile, I felt kind of silly being tossed around by these ridiculous winds, carrying a huge trophy with a turkey on it, waiting for the walk sign to light up so I could continue on my poorly planned journey home.

As I walked across Campbell, a post race chill came over me and I had had it with this walk.  The cashier at Panera kindly let me stash my stuff behind the counter so that I could run the 3 miles to my house, find my favorite sweatshirt, drive back to Panera, pick up my stuff, and drive back home.  Today was an adventure, a success, a new experience, and a workout all in one.

This Recap kicks off a series of posts that I will write this coming week about what I am thankful for.  Today, I am thankful for the cashier at Panera, the race organizers, officers, and volunteers that make these events possible, and for my favorite cozy sweatshirt.

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This post is sponsored by Run Texas, a specialty running store in Frisco, TX.


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