A Thankful Series Bust

I had plans for this series.  A Thankful Series| The Wrong Stuff with my inaccurate Cowboy’s game prediction and my daughter’s explanation of why Thanksgiving should be after Christmas.  A Thankful Series|The Loud Stuff with bad running photos and the alarm tone on my phone.  A Thankful Series|The Amazing Stuff…

I had a list of ideas, a nice relaxing Thanksgiving planned with the family, and a taper to begin, but the universe conspired against me and swallowed my plans whole.  Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”  This may be true most of the time, but for the past two weeks, all I got from the universe were two middle fingers.

Through it all, I managed to continue training, now tapering for the marathon.  Barely.  A SWAT team nearly took me out on my Sunday Long Run.  Okay… “nearly took me out” may be a bit of an exaggeration, but I did have an encounter with the Richardson SWAT Team.  I was running on Beltline Sunday morning, nearing the end of my 12 mile run, when I saw some Police activity up ahead.  As I got closer, I saw a man that appeared to be in handcuffs, and across the street, I saw what I thought was a News crew with cameras running.  When I ran past the officers and the suspect in cuffs, out of the corner of my eye I saw that the News crew was actually a SWAT team and the cameras were actually AR-15s.

Luckily, the standoff was wrapping up when I ran through the middle of it, and just before I reached the Police Station, two SWAT vehicles cruised past me.  Within a couple of minutes, I cruised past them at a nice pace as they unloaded their AR-15s from the vans.  My plan to get progressively faster throughout this 12 mile run worked out perfectly.  Here are my splits.

Mile 1 – 8:29

Mile 2 – 8:05

Mile 3 – 8:06

Mile 4 – 8:06

Mile 5 – 7:50

Mile 6 – 7:53

Mile 7 – 8:06

Mile 8 – 7:58

Mile 9 – 7:49

Mile 10 – 7:39

Mile 11 – 7:32

Mile 12 – 7:12

The San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon is in 3 days!  Tomorrow I have 3 miles easy plus a 6 hour drive, and on Saturday, I have 3 miles easy plus strides and packet pickup!  I will post pictures on Instagram and I will do my best to get another blog post in before RACE DAY!

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(This picture is completely unrelated to the running stats.)


      1. I will send vibes for now rain. Remember when you took the rain from me for that 20 miler? Well as you know, my marathon was WET the whole way through–perhaps that can be me taking it for you for the big kahuna!! Fingers crossed. You’re so strong, you’re gonna kill it either way–nothing can stop you.

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  1. Nothing like a SWAT team for motivation 😁 To have a heart rate at that 130 BPM range over that distance and speed is incredible. I’m sure you’ll smash this marathon – hope the conditions are favourable on the day, have a great experience!

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