Back from the Dead

Two weeks of easy running derailed by the flu, a 102 fever, and an asthma crisis. I stayed in my flannel pajamas for days. I didn’t miss running. I didn’t think about running. After four days with a 101 degree fever, no appetite, and full on body aches, I got up hopeful that I was on a fast track to feeling better. That hope faded on my way up the stairs. Short of breath and only half way up.

Back to the Doctor

My son had the flu. He felt better. My husband had the flu. He felt better. I had the flu that attacked my lungs that triggered my asthma that put me in the emergency room for high dose breathing treatments. #Lifewithasthma

Back to Training

I am feeling much better now, but my energy level is still lower than low. This week, I am easing back into training. My goal is to be ready to resume real training on Christmas.

Back to School

Rearranging my life has been a theme lately. With running, blogging, work, family life, and school. School? Yes, that’s right. I am going back to school, enrolling as a full time student in the Computer Information Technology Degree Program (Network Security or Programming). I can’t wait to get started.

I plan to keep up with my blog on a regular basis, and my training schedule will remain the same. Classes start January 16!

Back to Racing

The only race I have on schedule at the moment is The Cowtown Marathon on February 25, 2018. I will put together a more complete schedule soon!

Thanks for reading! Happy Holidays!


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