Cowtown Marathon Training

I made it! I pushed through Week 3. Higher mileage. A faster tempo. Speed maintenance.

Here’s what my week of training looked like…

Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday were all easy run days. Smooth and relaxed. On Tuesday, I did tempo repeats. 3 mile warm up. 5 x 1 mile @6:40 with 1 minute rest. 3 mile cool down. For these repeats, I felt stronger and more relaxed with each mile. Friday was speed maintenance day. 3 mile warm up. 20 x 200m. 3 mile cool down. These were tough. Two nights without enough sleep cost me. I was still able to run each 200 in 40-44 seconds (10.3 mph) but I was beat after the cool down. Somehow, I recovered enough for my 4 mile afternoon run. My long run this week was 20 miles which I ran this morning. It went well except for the accidental posting that happened while my phone was in my pocket. My overall pace was 8:08/mile and the total climb was 450ft. Today’s run put me at 84.5 miles for the week.

(An Easy Run Day)

I ran most of my miles in the Vibram Five Finger KSO Evos, and I am seriously considering running the marathon in them. All other miles I ran in my Addidas Supernovas.

Coming up this week…Higher mileage, a progressive tempo, hills, and a 24 mile run!

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