Cowtown Marathon Training

Week 4. My highest mileage week ever. My first week of school (in over ten years). Week 4 was huge.


Easy. Relaxing. Hanging with my kids. 6 miles before the freeze.


Crazy. Successful. A tempo run. Two a day. Classes from 11-2.

The Tempo. 3 mile warm up. 5 mile cutdown from 7:05/mile-6:40/mile (felt surprisingly easy). 3 mile cool down. A perfect way to start the day.

Walking around campus with my book filled backpack trying to remember where my classes were located was an additional challenge. Added weight training I suppose.

I completed my second run in the evening at LA Fitness. 4 miles easy.


8 miles and 5 hours of classes


12 miles and 3 hours of classes

I ran inside and outside for my 12 mile morning run. After 5 miles, my hands couldn’t take the 20 degree temps, so I looped back to LA Fitness, ran 4 miles on the treadmill, and ran 3 miles back home.


9 mile hill workout. The neighborhood I run hills in is very dark in the morning, so I decided to run after my 8-10 class.

Hills. I had zero desire to run hills. (“Turn on auto and Go!”). This was one of those times that I had to remind myself that I wanted this. That I was working towards something. To put one foot in front of the other and just go.

I completed my 9 mile hill workout at Prairie Creek. Not super fast. Not feeling super strong. But I got it done. 3 mile warm up. 10 x 1 min uphill (at a good pace, not all out), jog down. 3 mile cool down.

My evening run on Friday felt much better. 4 miles easy at LA Fitness.


8 miles easy.


Long Run. 24 Miles. Enough said!

Total Mileage – 88 (new personal record)

I bought another pair of Vibram Five Finger KSO Evos. This time from Amazon. They had black or hot pink. The black ones were $80+ and the hot pink…. those were $34.

On my long run today, I used Tailwind for hydration at mile 6 and mile 12. On this crazy humid day, I could have used more, but I ran out after mile 12. Practice. Practice. Practice.

Upcoming Races…

The Hot Chocolate 15k in two weeks on February 3.

The Cowtown Marathon on February 25.

Coming up this week…

A tempo run, 200s, a 20 miler, and 18 hours of classes.

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  1. Good stuff! I’m trying to find ways to add in a couple of extra runs, experimented with a lunch run of 8 miles today and it went well. If I can do that once or twice a week gradually without burning myself out, it’ll be good to get some more mileage consistently as London is getting closer! Bargain on the shoes too! I’ve not yet run in Five Fingers but would like to try them as a fan of minimal footwear.

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