Cowtown Marathon Training

Another week of running done!  81.4 miles.  955 ft climbed.  4 weeks until my second marathon!


A super easy 8 miles.  The goal?  To recover from Sunday’s 24 miler.

Tuesday (Tempo Two a Day)

3 miles easy.  7 miles @ 7:00/mile pace.  3 miles easy.

4 afternoon miles.  I ran these harder than I had planned, but what can I say?  I was experiencing information overload, I need to get out and run syndrome!


8 super early easy miles


12 never ending miles that I never completely woke up for.  My Wednesday Evening class gets out at 8:30 which leaves me pretty wiped out Thursday morning.

Friday’s Foggy Brain Day

I have had asthma since I was 3 years old.  The kind that is triggered by allergies, chemicals (hairspray, perfume, cleaning products etc.), smoke, and drastically changing weather.  On Friday, my asthma flared up fast.  I ran twice, but cut each run short and felt terrible.  9 miles total.  Any more would have been detrimental.

Occasionally, before a storm when the wind picks up and the humidity is high, my hands turn purple and all warmth is sucked out of me which alerts me to an impending asthma attack.  I read that pollen spores can burst into the tiniest particles before and during thunderstorms, and to someone who has allergies, especially grass allergies, this can trigger a severe asthma attack.

I am not sure whether the thunderstorm actually happened Friday night or not, but all day it was windy with high humidity.  Usually, if I can prevent a severe attack from happening, then this passes just like the storm.


8 miles easy.  Much better.


Comeback day!  20 miler.  First 10 easy.  Last 10 working my way down to 7:10/mile.  7:10 pace felt hard but manageable at mile 19.  I did a much better job hydrating today with Tailwind at Miles 6 and 12.

I’ve made sure to include hills on my long run days to prepare for the challenging hills in the Cowtown Marathon.

The Hot Chocolate 15k is next Saturday, and I will be running on semi fatigued legs.  Daily mileage stays high until Friday.

School Highlights

My first day of Computer Hardware was somewhat intimidating at first. The amount of information that seemed foreign to me but would need to learn quickly if I wanted to keep up.  The lectures.  The labs.  “The hardest A you will ever earn” kind of teacher.  That said, Computer Hardware is my favorite class.  I have learned more in the past two weeks about computers than I ever thought I could.

I am also taking Operating Systems, College Algebra, and Art Appreciation (a required class).

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  1. I’ve always had a great respect for anyone who is putting that sort of mileage down on a weekly basis, and after my heaviest mileage week just past (54), it puts things into even more perspective!

    I also suffer from asthma, though it has been mild ever since my pre-teen years. How do you manage your asthma? I use an inhaler 15-30 minutes before activity or a run: unless the conditions are extremely cold, or that kind of heavy “dry” coldness for lack of a better term, I’m usually not impacted to heavily.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! This week included a race (15k today). My legs are beat!
      About the asthma….I am on a daily preventative inhaler that I take twice a day along with a rescue inhaler that I take before I run. I manage my allergies with Singulair and Allegra (over-the counter). This is all year round maintenance and finding the right combination has made a drastic difference. However, sometimes it is not enough and that is what I have learned to deal with in the past year. I am one of those push through anything no matter how bad it hurts kind of people which historically has done more harm than good when it comes to asthma. So, after getting sick of paying the price taking risks with my health, I decided to find a better way.

      In the past few months I have managed flare ups much better (aside from when I had the flu… not much I could do there). I have changed two things. 1. If I feel that my lungs are spent and my cardio system has nothing left. I rest. (Seems kind of obvious but it is something new to me). 2. I pay more attention to the warning signs. Any tightness in my chest. Increased fatigue. A stomach ache (a warning sign for me). Then I rest. Have coffee (supposed to help during an attack). Then if the symptom doesn’t go away,I take my inhaler. Or use my nebulizer. The earlier it is stopped the better.I used to think that I didn’t need to treat anything until it was bad enough but with asthma the danger comes when you ignore it.

      And that ended up being way longer than I intended. I hope this helps!

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