Cowtown Marathon Training

I am pretty beat from this week.  Coming off the quality 20 miler last Sunday into another high mileage week with hill repeats and a 15k put some well earned heaviness into my legs, but I managed to get my 12 mile run in this morning to complete 73.5 miles for the week.


Easy 8.


3 mile warm up followed by…

The best hills ever! 12 x 1 minute uphill.  Jog down.  I ran these faster, stronger, and with an easier downhill recovery than I ever have before.

3 mile cool down

4 mile afternoon run

Fatigue hit early on Tuesday.


8 miles easy.  My goal for Wednesday through Friday was to get the mileage in without putting in speed work.


12 miles too many.  I worked late on my PowerPoint presentation Wednesday night, and I woke up Thursday morning with a serious lack of energy.  The 12 miles I ran felt like 12 miles too many.


4 miles with strides. This easy 4 felt like an easy 4, but my shins and calves had a heaviness in them from miles and miles of pounding pavement.  I knew this feeling would be there on Saturday.


Race Day!

3 mile warm up, 15k race, 3 mile cool down (miles, miles, and more miles)


More Race Day Photos


12 miles.  I did not expect this run to turn out well, but I have learned that some runs that seem destined to suck end up being solid well paced runs.  Today, I started out super easy, focusing on good form and on staying awake. Slowly, I woke up.  Miles 9-12 were rough, but I made it!


Coming up this week…

Tempo repeats, 200 meter repeats, and a faster 20 miler.

Upcoming Races

Cowtown Marathon in 3 weeks!

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