Cowtown Marathon Training

I realized I had some sort of evil marathon sabotaging virus, while I puked my guts out Tuesday night. 12 days before the Cowtown Marathon. The day before my Hardware Exam. And the day before all of my Hardware Labs were due.


I took Wednesday and Thursday completely off from running, missed one very important day of school, and canceled Valentines Day. I ate my first full meal Thursday evening, but my appetite didn’t return until today.

Making a full comeback in time for Cowtown was in serious question on Thursday, but I am happy to report that I am back on track with everything. Running, school, sleep, and eating.


8 miles easy


The beginning was nothing like the end. I felt strong running my last key session.

3 mile warm up. 6 miles at 6:55-7:00. 3 mile cool down.

My energy level started dropping during class. I just assumed it was the mileage and work load.

4 miles easy (early evening)

Then my world started to spin.


Marathon Sabotaging Virus-10 Me-0

Lots of sleep


Marathon Sabotaging Virus-8 Me-2

Exams. School. Some guidance from my coach. And a smart decision.


Marathon Sabotaging Virus-4 Me-6

3 mile warm up. 10x1min uphill. 3 mile cool down

Getting it done was a success.

4 miles easy in the afternoon felt terrible, but I was on a mission to get back on track.


Marathon Sabotaging Virus-1 Me-9

After an extra long sleep, I felt better.

8 miles


Marathon Sabotaging Virus-DEFEATED

12 miles with the last 3 close to marathon pace. I felt good for this run.

Average pace 7:53

Last 3 miles. 7:20. 7:15. 7:11.

Now I feel ready! And relieved. Only one week to go before my second marathon, and I can’t wait!

Hydration and Nutrition

I’ll write about that in the next post…

Coming up this week

Easy running, a pre-race workout, and rest.

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Cowtown 10k 2017– My First Race Recap


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