I Run Because

“Why do you run?”  This question seems like the right question to answer after Marathon #2.  Running 23 miles without my normal drive to run left me wondering if I had somehow changed.  My desire to compete and run fast was stronger than ever two weeks prior.  Where did it go?  Did I lose the drive I thought was burned into my soul?  (That may be a little to dramatic, but let’s roll with it…)  I thought I was “Born to Run,” but maybe I wasn’t.  In the days following the marathon, I didn’t understand how I could feel so unmotivated, so lost, so……tired?  Me?  Tired?  Never….

Okay, maybe a little.  So I’ve used the last week and a half for rest and recovery,  And that was all I needed. A little rest to remember and feel all of the reasons I have for running and training as much as I do.  So, here we go.  My answer to “Why do you run?

I run to improve.  To be better than before.

I run to feel good.  Running helps me manage my asthma.  It opens up my lungs and I feel better for the whole day.  (One reason why I don’t like taking long breaks.)

Running gives me confidence in myself.  Falling down.  Getting back up again.  Falling down again.  Returning stronger.

I run to escape, on occasion, from the craziness of life.

I run to get faster.  To compete.  To win.

Running is what I love to do.   

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  1. I figured you just needed a little rest. Glad you got your mojo back girl 😘. Go get ‘em.
    Ps-the thing about your asthma makes so much sense as to why you hesitate to take breaks. I had a bout with some breathing problems—I would have tried anything to make it better and breathe well!

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  2. It was crazy reading this. Leading up to Cowtown 1/2 I was ready to change from completing races to competing in races. Turn up my training (I started running at 52, 4 years ago) Since Cowtown I’ve wondered if that was just a dream. Whether I wanted to race again. I was totally unmotivated. After 2 weeks I decided yes, I do want to amp up my training. I’m going to do a ton of speed/strength training. No races planned till the Tour des fleurs, but I plan to be a lot stronger in the fall/winter season.

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    1. The Cowtown half course is tough! Do you plan to do the 10k (or quarter marathon) or the 20k (or half) in September? I haven’t looked to see which distances they are doing this year. I did the 10k last year.
      You know, I think after putting so much time and effort and heart into something that doesn’t turn out quite right it is normal to question direction and goals. And sometimes the progress seems insignificant but really any progress is good progress. : )

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      1. They are going to have a 1/4 distance and a 1/2. I haven’t signed up yet, but i’m thinking of running the 1/4 to get a baseline for the fall/winter runs. Right now i’m motivated for strength training, sprints, tempo runs and (I’ve been saying this for a year) some yoga!

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  3. I run to help me put my problems into perspective… for the health benefits (mental and physical)… to test the limits of my endurance… to compete against myself… to connect with other people.

    I’m sure there’s many more, but I think those are the most important ones!

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