Spring Training

Week 1 was all about easy running, low mileage, rest, and midterms.


Easy but faster than planned. And more than planned…I needed a jump start on Monday before school. An energizing 3 mile run. The quickest shower ever and short drive to my 8 a.m. class. Monday evening I had my first midterm. It was a challenge.




Rest and Midterm #2. Taking apart and putting back together a Dell Optiplex in less than 20 minutes (none of us needed the full time though). In January, I didn’t even know how to open the case. : )


3 miles easy


3 miles easy


3.65 miles plus upper body strength. I got in an extra workout in the afternoon. Two hand touch football with my husband, our kids, and their friends!


Today, I ran inside. 7 miles easy pace with 1 minute @6:15/miles at the beginning of miles 2-6.

I ran most of my miles this week in my new Nike Vaporflys. My feet and ankles needed a break from the Vibram Five Fingers. The Vaporflys are comfortable and responsive, and I will write a review after I put some more miles on them.

Coming Up this Week

A slight increase in miles, Spring Break, and the Dash Down Greenville 5k.

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