St. Paddy’s Day Dash Down Greenville 5k 2018

Coming off two weeks of easy running and very low mileage, I went into the Dash Down Greenville with very low expectations, a desire to run fast, a goal to have fun, and the belief that I had on the correct bib number.

My plan was simple. To go out fast and hold that pace for as long as I could and finish with whatever I had left. Mile 1. Racing past the smoky grills. 6:02. Mile 2. Past the Village Apartments and up the steep hill to Skillman. 6:09. Mile 3. One more mile is nothing, Keep Going. 6:30. The Last .1. Legs don’t fail me now. 19:20. 10th Overall Female. Only the results won’t show that exactly. I found out later on the my husband and I accidentally switched numbers. So instead of 10th Overall Female, I finished 3rd in the Men’s 40-44 Age Group! #runnerproblems

I recovered fast and began my cool down a couple minutes after the finish. Two miles easy. Soon after, I met up with my husband. We grabbed some coffee and our kids. Then we headed out to Guy Mezger’s Combat Sports Club for Saturday Class.

19:20 is not a PR for me, but it is a great first race back for me. Historically, I have had to work my way down to a 19 something 5k. Last year after four solid weeks of training, I ran a 40:32 10k, a 62:00 15k a week later, and then a 19:01 in the Dash Down Greenville 5k a week after that. My race performance went downhill from there. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Half didn’t go well and my spring 5k times stayed between 19:36-20:15. That said, I am very happy starting this next 4-5 weeks of training with a 19:20 5k.

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  1. Good job, Amanda. Most runners DDG times seemed to have been off this year compared to a year ago. Including mine. Maybe it was from all the grilling! Seriously, I sure did notice that smoke! Seems like it was for almost the first 1000 meters.

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    1. Thanks! Last year it didn’t seem quite as bad with the smoke. I felt like I was sucking air through a straw by the third mile. Don’t know if it was lack of 5k conditioning or the smoke or a combination of both?!?

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