Spring Training

Week 2 brought a slight increase in mileage and an increase in intensity.  Early in week 2, my legs felt surprisingly sore.  I let myself rest and recover more than normal during my post marathon light weeks, which I view as a good thing but also as the reason for feeling a little out of running shape.  I ended Week 2 feeling stronger and faster so no worries here.  This is what building back up is all about.


8 miles easy on the treadmill

Everything started blooming so a break from the pollen is a must sometimes.


2 miles easy

16 x 200 @ 5:30-5:40 pace with a 200 meter jog in between

2 miles easy

This workout was tough.  I really had to push myself the last four 200s.  These were not at a sprint, but at a fast cruising pace.  My legs were pretty sore for the rest of the day.


8 miles easy


7 miles easy (I had to cut this run short.  I got a bad stomach cramp at mile 7 that wouldn’t go away.)


2 miles easy


2 miles @6:55/mile

2 minutes rest

2 miles @6:55/mile

2 miles easy


6 miles easy

I felt great for this run.  : )


14 hilly miles

I felt a little tight on this run, but it never felt too hard.  Total climb ended up around 650ft for the long run.

I recovered from this run quickly, which was necessary since I had an afternoon full of outdoor activities with my family!  Water balloon games, water balloon tag, and football.  : )

Happy Easter!  Happy Spring!  April Fools!  Happy whatever you chose to celebrate today!




  1. It’s great to see a smiling runner 😛 It can be a real slog at times, particularly during marathon training, but it’s a good reminder that we do it because we love it. Hope you had a great Easter!

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