Three Weeks of Training

April 2 – April 8

Total Mileage- 72.9

Total Climb- 1,434 ft

The three key workouts of the week consisted of Hill Repeats, a Tempo Run, and a Long Run.

Hill Workout

2 mile warm up

10 x 1 minute uphill (easy running downhill in between)

2 mile cool down

Friday Tempo

2  miles easy

4 miles @ 6:53/mile

2 mile cool down

Long Run

16 miles over a hilly course

731 ft gain

April 9 – April 15

Total Mileage – 74.8

Total Climb – 968 ft

The three key workouts of the week were 200 Meter Repeats, Mile Repeats, and a Long Run.

200 Meter Repeats

2 mile warm up

20×200 meters with 200 meter jog in between

2 mile cool down

Mile Repeats

2 mile warm up

5 x 1 mile @6:45/mile with 1 minute rest in between

4 x 30 seconds fast with 60-90 seconds rest

2 mile cool down

Long Run

16 miles over a hilly course

707 ft gain

April 16 – April 22

Total Mileage – 54.3

Total Climb – 440 ft

This week included a Tempo Run, a Boxing Class, and a Long Run.  My schedule got a little messed up this week so I had to take two unscheduled days off.  #lifehappens

Tempo Run

2 mile warm up

4 miles @ 6:50

2 mile cool down

Boxing Class

A few hours after my Friday Tempo run, I took my first boxing class at Guy Mezger’s Combat Sports Club.  It was a high intensity, fast paced class that left me wanting more.

After I make it past the next two weeks of Final Exams and Projects, I plan to add this class to my weekly routine.

Long Run

20 Miles

This weeks training is going well.  Higher mileage, quality workouts…. and if everything goes according to plan, meaning if my husband doesn’t bring home another puppy, I will post Training Highlights on Sunday. ; )

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    1. Hi! It is one minute of strong running uphill (not an all out sprint but a good pace) (i am out of breath at the top but recover fast on the way down). Then jog down to where you started. This workout is continuous after the warm up. Pick a hill that you can run up naturally. : )

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      1. Thanks girl. I think I need to pick a hill and actually do these outside. I have been doing them on the treadmill but getting the treadmill back down to level is a pain and messes with the timing i think! I will work on these! thanks!

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  1. Boxing and other martial arts seem like they’d be a great form of cross training to supplement running. I’ve worked out on the pads on and off over the last few years with my brother who practises MMA, and it was great fun and a very different kind of work out. Can’t help but feel working that in regularly would be a great benefit!

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