Locked Out

Training called for hill repeats Tuesday morning before school.  There are no hills near my house, so I drove to Prairie Creek, my go to hill repeat destination.  The air was humid and storms seemed to be rolling in, but I am not sure if they ever did.

Tuesday morning I didn’t completely wake up before my run.  It was one of those just show up kind of mornings.  I showed up.  I parked by the creek.  I detached my car key from my key chain and locked my car from inside.  Then I got out of my car with my house keys and closed the door.  SHIT.

No car keys.  No phone.  Not my neighborhood.  Not my morning.

I contemplated running home and skipping the workout, but I couldn’t.  After running up a long hill as part of my warm up, I knew I needed this workout, and I was not about to let a morning brain fog ruin it.  “I’d figure out something.”

I decided to use my cool down as a search for a phone to call AAA.  There was a tennis shop about a mile away that was open and they were so nice to let me use their phone.  The Tennis Pro kindly offered me a ride back to my car which I turned down… I still had a mile left of my cool down.

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