Ready for Whatever

On Thursday, I finished my last final of the semester, my first semester back in school in 12 years. 4 classes. 14 credit hours. Now I have 3 weeks to regroup before taking on a lighter course load for the summer.

For the past two months, writing and keeping up with my blog have taken a back seat. I’ve been plagued with a lack of hours in the day, insufficient gas in the tank, and information overload.

My level of creativity and time for reflection took a nosedive while the hours of hard work I put in skyrocketed so high that I did not have it in me to spend more time reflecting on the work and summing it up in a post. (Gasp)

So here we go, school free, test free, presentation free, bronchitis free (almost), stress free (Ha! Is that even a real thing?), running free to my next race, the Love Field 5k, tomorrow on the runway!

Training has not been 100% smooth sailing, but I have continued to put in the hours and miles each week. This week has been my lightest week of running since the break I took after the Cowtown Marathon.

Two weeks ago, my husband and I decided to keep Highway, the puppy he found in the middle of the highway. A risk? Yes, but a risk I was willing to take. Did I know how severe my reaction would be after I ignored a few mild symptoms? I had no idea.

On Friday, I went from feeling energized after a tough tempo run and a one hour boxing class, to having a severe allergic reaction when I got home. My throat felt like it was closing, I was already wheezing, and I could not think clearly. Saturday, I was no better. I had to get out of the house away from the puppy. I ended up with acute asthmatic bronchitis, no voice, and a continuous cough. Asthma sucks.

Highway is staying with the veterinarian until we figure out what to do whether it be finding the best possible home for him or making a livable place outside for him at our house. By livable, I mean cool enough for a puppy to stay happy and healthy in Texas.

I ran half of my long run on Sunday and realized shortly after that I needed at least a couple more days to recover. Making it through finals was just about all I could handle on Monday and Tuesday. I picked training back up on Wednesday, and although I still have a hoarse voice and a barky cough, I feel like I have regrouped enough to have a good race. What kind of time I can run coming off of all this is questionable, but I’m ready for whatever!

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  1. That feeling of finishing exams/assignments and getting a few weeks break from studying must feel great, especially when you’re coming back to study from a long lay off! All the best with the Highway situation whatever the outcome, and have a great race!

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