Love Field 5k 2018

Today, I’ll cut right to it. I am on a mission to get my 5k time under 19 minutes, and I went out for the first mile with that in mind. We went out at a fast pace, but I didn’t know exactly how fast until my watch buzzed. Mile 1. 5:49. What? My fastest mile time by 12 seconds and my greatest victory of the day.

My lungs were not happy after that and my pace dropped off, but that’s okay. This was a get back out there and run a 5k while not 100% kind of race. I had to be realistic! Mile 2. 6:28. I finished in 19:55. 4th Overall Female.

I made sure to get a good cool down of about 3 miles, and I did a fair amount of coughing afterwards. Hopefully, that’s the last of it.

Running on the runway was quite an experience. I’m looking forward to racing there again next year!

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