Boxing With Coach David

A few weeks ago, I added a one hour boxing class to my training schedule. On non-race weeks, Friday is tempo day plus boxing.  It is hard.  It is tiring.  But it is taking me to another level.  I feel stronger, I recover faster, and I am faster. Just last week, I ran my fastest mile ever for the first mile of a 5k all while recovering from bronchitis. Maybe this is just a coincidence, or maybe I needed a little extra core strength and grit to add to my overall running game.

I’ve known David Douglas for a few years now.  He is the boxing instructor at Guy Mezger’s Combat Sports Club.  He trains amateurs, pros, runners that box, boxers that run, mma fighters, moms, dads and kids. Tomorrow night he will be the corner for two pro fighters in Dallas at Gas Monkey.  David teaches several boxing classes during the week, and they are tough. A mix of cardio and conditioning in a high intensity no break format. Jumping rope, V-ups, burpees, trading combinations, squats, more combinations, down ups (plank to push up position to plank and so on)…for an hour straight.  There is a challenge for everyone in his classes even for those already in good shape.

For those in the Dallas area, come try out a class!  For fun, to learn to box, for cross-training, to build confidence, to sweat out some stress, or to simply get in better shape.  I am there Friday at Noon on non race weeks, but the class runs other days as well. For a complete schedule click the link… Guy Mezger’s Sport’s Club.

***They offer a free week trial!***

Hope to see you there!


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