Memorial Day Weekend Plans

Memorial Day weekend begins with a race!  The Honor Connor 5k in North Richland Hills.  This will be my first time running this 5k. From what I have read and seen on their website, I expect it to be a feel good event with an “it’s almost summer” vibe in the air.

After the race, my family and I are driving to East Texas to stay at my parent’s lake house for Memorial Day Weekend. I can’t wait to spend a few days away from the city!

The road around the lake is great to run on.  The off road trails are good too as long as there hasn’t been a ton of rain.  The last time we went to the lake over Memorial Day Weekend I had the Worst Run Ever (click to read more).  This time, even without the excessive rain, I plan to stay on the roads.  (For another funny running story, read Sometimes Life Hits You in the Face)

A few extras…

We kept Highway, the Blue Heeler puppy that my husband found on Highway 75.  Our patio is all set up for the summer, and our other dog, Eve, is pleased with the upgrades.  Eve is our 14 year old Bulldog/Sharpei that hangs out on top of the table directly in front of the fan for most of the afternoon.

On another note…

Personal Training has been one of those “will start in the future, sometime, but not sure when or if I ever really will” kind of ideas that I never made a plan for.  I didn’t know how to start or when to start so it always took a back seat.  However, when my first client asked me if I would be willing to train her and help her get back into shape, I couldn’t think of a reason not to.  So I said yes.  My first client is awesome, and I am so happy that she asked me to train her!

And before I go…

My own training is going well.  20 x 200 meters on Tuesday.  Two a days on Monday and Wednesday.  Long run on Sunday and easy runs to fill in the gaps.

When I begin specific race training then I will begin my Training Highlights series again.  For now, I am just training, continuing forward, and logging miles and workouts on top of miles and workouts and occasionally throwing a 5k into the mix.

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  1. I didn’t know you were a trainer girl, that is so awesome! What certification do you have? This is sort of something i was looking into as well, so just curious!
    Enjoy your race and your weekend on the lake, sounds wonderful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is actually my first client and I am getting certified through the program at my school. Like I said in my post, I wasn’t looking for clients, she came to me.

      Thanks girl! The race was fun! Still at the lake and having a great time. : )

      Liked by 1 person

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