The Honor Connor 5k 2018 Race Recap

I signed up for the Honor Connor 5k a few weeks ago.  This was before my family and I decided to drive to Fern Lake in East Texas for Memorial Day Weekend.  The race took place 35 minutes west of our house while the lake house was 3 hours east of our house.  Funny, right?  I enjoy experiencing new events and racing in different places, so the extra hour of driving was really no big deal.

I arrived in North Richland Hills at 7 a.m.  The race start was at 8:30, so I sat in my car and listened to music for 30 minutes before beginning my warm up.  2 miles easy and some strides.  I thought my warm up was short enough to keep me from pouring out sweat before the start of the race, but I was wrong.  After strides, the sun shone with vengeance, and beads of sweat began to form.

From the beginning of the race, I felt off.  6:30 pace felt hard.  I was out of breath from the start.  Earlier in the week, I ran 20 200s at 5:30-6:00/mile and focused on running fast versus running hard.  I did not feel fast for this 5k.   When this happens, I give it all I’ve got and whatever time I end up with is the time I end up with.  After about 200 meters,  I was the female leader, so instead of focusing on my pace and new PR, I focused on holding my place as top female and on passing as many people as I could before the finish.

My splits…. Mile 1. 6:27.  Mile 2.  6:36.  Mile 3.  6:40.  Finish.  5:30/mile pace.

1st Overall Female.  20:24.

After the race and after my 2 mile cool down, I planned to pick up my award early so I could start on my way to the lake.  However, they put on such an awesome Post Race ceremony that I had to stay.  I knew I would have regretted bowing out early.  The performance by Trey Griffith, the fastest Cup Stacker in Texas was amazing.  I was blown away by his speed and accuracy.

Shortly after Trey’s performance, the Overall Winners were called up on stage.  We were wrapped in a smiley face flag (or cape), and awarded with a crystal plaque, a before/after coffee mug, a smiley face spatula, and some inspirational quote cards.

I had a great experience at the Honor Connor 5k.  It was a truly inspirational event.

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    1. I better improve my 5k time soon though or you’ll catch me quick! I have been running in the New Balance Hanzo racing flats. I needed a break from the five fingers. The hanzos are super light with great traction! Perfect for a fast 5k. : )

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      1. Something tells me that if we race, you’ll run as fast as you need to. I’ve been running in more cushiony shoes since returning from the injury, but I’m looking forward to getting back into some racing shoes. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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