Five on Friday

  1.  So far this week (Monday through Friday), I have run 53 miles.  I’ll run 6 more on Saturday and 16 for my long run on Sunday for a total of 75 miles for the week.  Each week I have 3 key workouts.  A long run, hill repeats or 200 meter repeats, and a tempo run.  Tuesday Hills – 2 mile warm up, 10x1minute uphill, jog down, 2 mile cool down  Friday Tempo- 2 mile warm up, 4 x 30 seconds fast, 3 mile tempo, 4 x 30 seconds fast, 1-2 mile cool down
  2. Last weekend I ran the Wounded Warrior Half Marathon as part of  my 20 mile long run.  The heat kicked my butt.  After the half, I ran 7 very slow miles barefoot on the grass in the shade.  I placed 5th in the half, but my greatest victory for the day was simply completing the assigned miles.
  3. Upcoming races… the Millet Mile on June 30 with the Plano Pacers and Run for the Blue 5k on July 7.  Last year, I ran the Millet Mile in a thunderstorm.  Click here to read about it.    The Run for the Blue 5k was founded in response to the attack on the Dallas Police Department in 2016.
  4. Last summer marked my second summer with no AC in my car.  I remember posting a picture of my dashboard showing 109 degrees.  This year, as summer approached, I said to myself “not this year, not this summer.”  However, just like last year and the year before that, I put off getting it fixed.  Why you ask?  Because three summers ago, I paid too much to get it fixed, and the summer before that I paid too much money to have it fixed.  Same result each time.  (Note-Repairs were done at different auto repair shops)  So…this year, when spring failed and summer arrived early, I drove with the windows down and my arm hanging out, and I coasted to each light for a continuous breeze.  Me, stubborn?  Maybe a little…but even so, I was not going to let my car affect training like last year, so I researched some cheap fixes and found a couple items on Amazon that were worth trying out.  A cooling seat and a dashboard fan.  The cooling seat plugs into the lighter socket and helps some just not enough for 100 degree days.  The dashboard fan is nice especially when there is traffic.  The cost?  About $50.  These two cheap fixes helped for sure, but the cheap solution that helped the most?  AC Pro from Autozone.  I was skeptical at first.  For $34, this stuff can plug leaks and recharge my AC?  Sure enough, it worked.  My car has been blowing cold air for 5 days now.  I don’t expect the fix to last much longer, but with a $34 temporary fix, I’ll make it through the summer!
  5. A few favorites!   Favorite Show- Into the Badlands… I like the pretty colors.  Favorite Movie- Deadpool 2… Chimichangas!  Favorite Electrolyte Replacement- Power Pak Electrolyte Stamina from Whole Foods… Unlike the Tailwind I ordered from Amazon, it didn’t explode in the mail.  Favorite Shoes- New Balance Hanzo Racing Flats … The fast ones without holes!

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