Pre-race Workout

I have two races coming up. The Millet Mile this Saturday and the Run for the Blue 5k the following weekend. While I have not been training specifically for the mile, I am aiming to set a new PR/PB. Last year, I ran the Millet Mile and finished in 6:01. Since then, I have improved my mile time by 12 seconds, running a 5:49 for the first mile of a 5k I ran in May. I believe I can cut more off of that time. My plan is to run fast, run relaxed, have fun, and see what happens.

If all goes well, racing the mile should set me up nicely for the 5k.

Pre-race Workout (completed earlier today)

2 mile warm up

4 x Strides (60-70 meters on the track)

Drills (high knees, skips, etc)

2 mile tempo @ 6:50/mile

4 minutes rest

4x400meters with 2 minutes rest in between (88, 86, 86, 84)

2 mile ‘cool down’

7.2 miles total

Cooling down after a summer workout in Texas is hard to do without a pool!


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