The Run for the Blue 5k

The Run for the Blue 5k is held annually in observation of the attack on the Dallas Police Department, the El Centro Police, and the Dallas Area Rapid Transit Police that occurred on July 7, 2016.  Running this race was about more than finishing with a good time, it was about showing up, with my husband, and being a part of an event that makes a difference by bringing together and honoring the great men and women of the police force and by remembering those that we have lost.

The event was held at Trinity Groves, which is just outside of Downtown Dallas.  The course was an out and back course with a couple of killer hills.  The start was lined with police cars, and a group of fully armed officers dressed in full uniform led the start.  Like I said earlier, this race was about more than a good clock time; however, running past a wall of fully uniformed, fully armed officers was not in my game plan.

Runner craziness kicked in after about 200 meters, and I sneaked through and took off.  Time was lost which I tried to make up for in that first mile.  Mile 1.  6:15.  By the time I reached the top of the hill on the bridge, I felt like I was giving my last mile effort. For the downhill portion of Mile 2, I focused on letting  go and catching my breath a little.  After the turnaround, and the killer hill back up the bridge, I managed to pass a couple of people, and I attempted to gain on the first place female.  I pushed as hard as I possibly could for the last mile plus some (the course was 3.28 instead of 3.101 which adds about a minute).

I finished as the 2nd Place Overall Female.

I want to thank all of the police officers for doing what they do every day, my husband for coming out and running with me on our anniversary, and the event organizers and volunteers for putting on such a wonderful event.

Back the Blue



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