Some things in life you never see coming.  One second everything is fine and then it’s not.  Exactly 4 years, after I had an emergency endoscopy to remove an obstruction in my esophagus, I was diagnosed with Eosinopillic Esophagitis, an autoimmune disease usually related to food allergies that causes narrowing of the esophagus.  I went on an elimination diet for treatment.  I had minimal symptoms and zero emergencies for 4 years.

On July 19, 2018, I woke up and began my day like I always do.  Turn off alarm.  Put on contacts.  Make coffee.  Take allergy medicine.  I had not had any problems swallowing my medicine in a long time so I thought nothing of it when I put the pill in my mouth with a large sip of water.  When the pill lodged itself at the top of my throat, everything stopped.  I couldn’t breathe.  I couldn’t speak.  I couldn’t get the water out.  All of the water went into my lungs.  I gasped for air.  My son looked at me.  “My phone.”  I stumbled outside with my phone trying to find anyone that could help.  But it was 6 am.  No one was outside.  911566 I entered.  Shit.  911.  Still gasping the water in and halfway out I called for help.  When the paramedics came, I coughed up the rest of the water, but the medicine lodged itself farther down in my esophagus.  Riding in the ambulance with my two kids, I couldn’t help thinking, “What the fuck is happening?”  “Am I awake?”  “Is this real?”

The hospital stay was dull.  The IV medicines cleared the obstruction and that was that.  Almost.

My lungs and esophagus suffered.  Breathing was exhausting.  I developed a fever and was put on antibiotics to avoid full blown aspiration pneumonia.  I was shell shocked.  Something was different.  I wasn’t ready to start running again.  Everything I had been working towards left my mind and seemed so small in importance.  It didn’t even matter.

But that never lasts long.  I’m a fighter.  I fell hard this time, and it took longer to get back up.  But I’m up, and I’m Still Gonna Fuckin’ Run.

To turn this whole fucked up experience into a positive thing, my husband and I have concluded that what better time than now to launch our long talked about brand, ISGFR.  It’s been a running joke in our family, that no matter how bad the weather, no matter how hard the fall, no matter how much shit I have to do, and no matter how much life throws my way, ISGFR. I’m Still Gonna Fuckin’ Run.

Our site is up. Check it out!



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