My name is Amanda Moore.  I am an elite long distance runner and a Run Texas Ambassador from Dallas, TX.  I run 70-80 miles a week, training for distances ranging from the 5k to marathon.

I started running long distance in 2012 after reading the book Born to Run.    Even though I had never run any race longer than a 5k (when I was 12), I chose the half marathon as my goal race.  After 5 months of training by myself, I was ready for my first half marathon.  I finished in 1:59.  My first goal was met, but I was and still am far from finished.

For five years I have increased my mileage, speed, and strength.  In February 2016, I ran 1:29:17 in the Cowtown Half Marathon.  In November 2016, I placed 6th in the 8 mile Dallas Turkey Trot with a time of 52:12 (6:30/mile).  I recently improved my PR’s in the 10k and 5k.  I ran 40:32 in the Cowtown 10k and 19:01 in the St. Paddy’s Day Dash Down Greenville 5k.

In December 2017, I ran my first marathon (3:34) in San Antonio, and I ran my second marathon (Cowtown Marathon, 3:26) shortly after in February 2018.